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Laminating Film

rolls of thermal laminating film

Thermal Laminating Film

Jet Technologies supplies a range of specialty films and grades that are optimal for designers, brand owners and marketing agencies for offset, narrow web and digital print operations. For a consistent brand “feel”.

Thermal lamination is the process of bonding film to paper using heat and pressure. This highly effective means of adding value will provide aesthetic enhancement and protection from creasing, fading, scuff marks, water damage, wrinkles, stains, smudges, abrasions or marks from grease or fingerprints.

Product Range

SteriLam Anti-Microbial Films

SteriLam Anti-Microbial films are safe and contain an invisible and odourless ingredient – Biomaster – which is based on Silver-ion technology and inhibits the growth of microbes by up to 99.99%.

Unilam Films

Unilam films are the latest creation from Jet Technologies. Using cutting edge adhesive technology from Japan, they provide a superior bond to virtually any kind of print – digital or litho.

Soft Touch

This is the original Soft Touch from Derprosa the inventors of soft touch top-coating technology. Add the ultimate sensory experience to your print and packaging. With soft touch, embellishment is taken to a whole new level, with a silky feel adding to the indulgent experience of luxury and exclusivity.


This is a film that provides protection against scuffing. The surface is highly treated, enabling it to be used for overprinting, glueing and foiling applications.

Digital Films

Special film for the lamination of digital media, produced with special adhesives that allow greater glue penetration into the digital ink surface, dark backgrounds and other challenging inks.

Samurai Film

Recognised as a superb quality film, Samurai films offer unbeatable value for money, Samurai is an industry-standard film, made to the highest tolerances and specifications.

Lami-Tack Film

Trusted and used in Australia & New Zealand for nearly 20 years. Lami-Tack is the film of choice for print finishers looking for a certainty in terms of bond and finish.


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Newest Products


Take a positive step towards waste reduction with oxo-degradable films. These products look and perform the same as our regular films but will biodegrade in a reasonable time frame after disposal.

Rough Touch

Featuring a unique rough & gritty feel yet silky and matte. A completely new touch and feel that further meets consumer demands for luxury looks and sensations in products.

Gold/Silver/Black Soft Touch

A premium range of soft ultra-matte film ideal for the luxury market, full of elegance and style.

Digital Film Range

A new range of digital gloss and matte films that have been heavily tested to work on the most difficult of digital print machines ink coverage.


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Customer Success

“We have used a number of suppliers in the past and we have found that the Jet Technologies films are just great, it makes our job so much easier & allows us to focus on our customers.”

– Dave Guyatt, Spot Productions

“The most popular finishing option amongst Whirlwind clients is our matt or gloss laminate, sourced from Jet Technologies. We use Samurai thermal laminating film, selected for its quality, reliability and ease of handling. Our lamination is performed in house and at capacity we can run 50 meters per minute. The thermal laminate has a high adhesion to our art board and art paper and works excellently with UV varnishes. We run our laminator every day of the week, so support is also imperative; Jet Technologies backs up their product, ensuring we don’t have any down time and meet customer demand.”

– Gillian Laging Marketing Coordinator, Whirlwind


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